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Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan Alleges Extortion and Bribery in Son Aryan Khan’s Drugs Case

In a shocking turn of events, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) accusing certain individuals, including Sameer Wankhede, the former Zonal Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), of extortion and bribery. The FIR alleges that Wankhede and others demanded a staggering amount of Rs 25 crore (approximately $3.4 million) to save Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, who was embroiled in a drugs case.

According to the FIR, an independent witness named KP Gosavi, who gained attention through a viral selfie with Aryan Khan, attempted to extort the large sum of money from Shah Rukh Khan on behalf of Sameer Wankhede. Wankhede, who has been named as the primary accused in the CBI’s FIR, allegedly directed Gosavi to handle the accused and create an impression that Gosavi had custody of Aryan Khan during the NCB proceedings. The CBI further states that Gosavi was allowed to be present with the accused individuals, which goes against the norms for an independent witness.

The investigation conducted by the CBI’s Special Enquiry Team (SET) revealed that the accused, including Aryan Khan, were transported to the NCB office in Gosavi’s private vehicle. It is believed that Gosavi intentionally created an impression of being an NCB personnel, even though NCB personnel were already responsible for handling the custody of the accused. The FIR also alleges that Gosavi took selfies with Aryan Khan and recorded voice notes while he was detained by the NCB officials.

The CBI FIR accuses Gosavi, his associate D’Souza, Sameer Wankhede, NCB Superintendent V.V. Singh, and the then investigative officer Ashish Ranjan of conspiring to extort Rs 25 crore from the Khan family, threatening them with false accusations of possessing narcotics substances. The amount was eventually settled for Rs 18 crore (approximately $2.5 million), with Gosavi and D’Souza allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 50 lakh (approximately $68,000). However, a portion of the bribe money was later returned by them.

The FIR also raises concerns about Sameer Wankhede’s financial affairs, as the Vigilance Branch of the NCB found discrepancies in his foreign visits and expenses. Wankhede allegedly mis-declared his expenditures and failed to explain the source of his foreign visits. Additionally, the internal inquiries by the NCB revealed allegations of criminal misconduct and corrupt practices against Wankhede and Ashish Ranjan, raising doubts about their acquired assets in relation to their declared income.

Based on a vigilance report, the CBI initiated a preliminary inquiry, which led to the registration of the case against Sameer Wankhede. Subsequently, the CBI conducted raids on 30 premises, including Wankhede’s residence and office, as part of their investigation into the allegations of corruption.

The shocking revelations in this case have sent shockwaves through the Bollywood industry and the country as a whole. The involvement of high-ranking officials in extortion and bribery has raised questions about the fairness and integrity of the drug bust case involving Aryan Khan. As the investigation unfolds, the spotlight remains on the accused and the truth behind these serious allegations.

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