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You Will be Surprised at the Intelligence of This Woman..

All the girls are very impressed by her work.This 28-year-old girl seems to have learned the saying ‘Anger is his enemy, his peace is his protection’. She wanted to get rid of her anger and change the thing that was causing her anger in her favor. Thinking like this made a late thought.

She says that now she has found a great way of savings. What this girl has done is… 28-year-old Julia is being called wrong by many. Julia was first angered, then frustrated, at being called Julie instead of Julia.But after that she decided that ‘there is no use in getting angry, I have to turn this issue in my favour’. A hundi named ‘Julie Pot’ was formed.

She started putting 100 rupees in the Julie pot every time someone called her name wrong. Since doing this, she doesn’t get annoyed if someone calls her Julie. Paipechu says she is happy that her savings are growing.

She said that at the end of the year, she will surely have money up to lakhs of rupees and she will use it to buy a house. Netizens who have heard about her say that it is possible for few people to find the positive in the negative and Julia belongs to that category.

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