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India’s President Emphasizes the Role of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Nation’s Development

President Droupadi Murmu highlighted India’s progress towards an entrepreneurial culture and the strengthening of its startup ecosystem, during her address at the second convocation of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT Ranchi). She praised India’s digital economy as an example for the world, pointing out how even street vendors are now utilizing digital means to sell their goods. The President encouraged young IT professionals to leverage technology for the welfare of vulnerable sections of society, including handicapped individuals and senior citizens.

President Murmu commended the significant growth of India’s tech-startup ecosystem, with over one lakh startups registered, making it the world’s third-largest. She urged IT students to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to aid the handicapped and elderly, emphasizing the responsibility of bright minds to maximize efficiency through its best use. She acknowledged the rise in the IT sector’s contribution to India’s GDP, from 2% in 1998 to the current 9%.

The President stressed the importance of making smart devices and systems accessible to the common people while ensuring overall sustainability. She encouraged technologists to adopt a holistic approach and tackle the challenge of ensuring technological advancements benefit society at large.

President Murmu recognized the role of scientific research and innovation in India’s development, highlighting their potential to address emerging issues with innovative and sustainable solutions. She expressed her belief in higher educational institutions enhancing their research capabilities to produce talented and technologically proficient students dedicated to citizens’ welfare through innovation. Additionally, she emphasized the use of technology as an instrument of social justice.

The President urged the youth to channel their immense potential towards shaping a conscious and developed nation, calling on society to guide and inspire them in working for the country’s progress. She commended the faculty and students of IIIT Ranchi for their contributions to original research papers and publications, emphasizing the institute’s commitment to preparing students for the future through cutting-edge laboratories and Research and Development Cells focused on areas such as data science, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.

President Murmu expressed confidence that IIIT Ranchi would establish itself as a hub of research and innovation in the years ahead. The address underscored India’s determination to leverage technology, entrepreneurship, and research for national development and social upliftment.

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