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Yamaha RX100 Launch: Good News for Bike Lovers.. Yamaha RX 100 is Launching Again! 150cc Engine

Yamaha plans to ReIntroduced Yamaha RX 100 with 150CC: Yamaha RX 100.. This name needs no special introduction. It has to be said that there is no other bike that is more popular than the RX 100 in India. That’s not all the fuss this bike created back then. Irrespective of age.. everyone enjoyed riding this bike. Especially the youth will go crazy for this bike. Even after 25 years of discontinuation, Yamaha RX bikes are still seen here and there on the road. Others have their eye on the Yamaha RX100 bike. Many people want a relaunch of the Yamaha RX 100.

Yamaha RX 100 bike continued in the market from 1985 to 1996. Now once again Yamaha Company is trying to launch RX 100. According to media reports, Yamaha India President Ishin Chihana recently revealed that Yamaha has future plans for the RX100 (Yamaha RX100 Re Launch) and hence the company has not used the RX100 moniker yet. But since the old Yamaha RX 100 is based on a two-stroke engine, it cannot be retrofitted. This bike may not meet the stringent BS6 emission norms.
If Yamaha brings back the RX 100.. it will get a bigger engine. According to media reports, the company is thinking in this direction. But it is not yet clear which engine will come. Yamaha currently has 125 cc, 150 cc and 250 cc engines. Any of these can be used. Most likely to use 125 cc engine or 150 cc engine.

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