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Young Entrepreneur Mahima Kalia Honoured with Doctorate in Cosmetology

Himachal Pradesh, March 29 2024 – Mahima Kalia, the wonderful entrepreneur from Himachal Pradesh has been awarded Doctorate in Cosmetology. This 26 years old girl not only came out as a magician in the world of beauty and glamour but also became a motivation for other keen young cosmetologists around the world.

Mahima has probably gone through one of the best experiences one can ever dream of in her journey as a cosmetologist. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Srinagar and Chamba, the concept of beauty and aesthetics in Mahima was ably moulded by the soothing environs of her place of birth. Facing the early difficulties including the loss of her father, Mahima did not get discouraged; rather she was determined to succeed and succeed she did with his mother’s loving support.

Unlike common notion, Mahima’s dedication to the cause stood beyond cushion work; her undying love was attentive towards the science and art of cosmetology. She firmly decided to do what she liked, and set off for Chandigarh, nevermind the scepticism of others who only had her mother say anything in favour of her talents.

Mahima’s desire for knowledge propelled her to attend several education institutions, both domestically and internationally, and she ended up earning post-graduate degrees as well as certifications in cosmetology. Pacified alongside her academic success, Mahima’s life was taught the spiritual wisdom by Guruji, who was her source of strength and direction when life was tough to navigate.

With her husband Sandeep Bora backing her up Mahima went from being an employee to an entrepreneur. Within a short span of time what was only a beginning had emerged to be one of the renowned and wealthiest establishments offering advanced cosmetology services.

The essence of her perseverance touches beyond Mahima’s own prosperity. A major part of her work is in mentorship and coaching future cosmetologists, thereby making it possible for them to achieve their dreams with goodwill and fortitude.

Today, the life of Mahima becomes the story for women, especially around the globe. It is an undisputable victory of determination, faithfulness and, of absolute tenacity. Despite all the challenges, she is now a constant reminder that the sky is only the limit and when a woman decides to achieve, she is impossible to stop.

Every time Mahima counts another breakthrough she will stick to her own cause of spreading joy and confidence using cosmetics as the tool.

For more information about Mahima Kalia and her journey, please visit her Instagram profile: [Mahima Kalia PMU].

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