Delhi Police on High Alert: Proactive Measures to Safeguard Communal Harmony


In light of recent developments and potential triggers for communal tensions, the Delhi Police’s special branch has issued a crucial advisory to all police stations. The focus of this advisory is on monitoring individuals involved in the 2020 Delhi riots and major protests like the anti-CAA/NRC stir. Additionally, the police force has been put on high alert to prevent potential communal riots, particularly in the wake of significant religious events such as the consecration at the Ayodhya Ram Temple, the Gyanvapi prayer order, and the issue surrounding Mathura’s Shahi Idgah.

The advisory, as reported by Hindustan Times, underscores the anticipation of miscreants with vested interests attempting to forcibly enter religious places. This heightened concern is especially relevant as the nation approaches the Lok Sabha elections. The special unit responsible for gathering local intelligence has stressed the need for proactive and preventive steps to avert any potential communal incidents.

About Delhi Police on High Alert:

One of the primary objectives of the advisory is to ensure that the lessons learned from the 2020 Delhi riots are implemented effectively. Monitoring individuals involved in past instances of civil unrest is a key strategy to maintain law and order. By staying vigilant and taking a proactive stance, the Delhi Police aims to curb any attempts to disrupt communal harmony.

The advisory reflects the police force’s commitment to maintaining peace and stability within the community. It acknowledges the potential risks associated with religious events and political developments, especially during sensitive times leading up to elections. The emphasis on preventing miscreants from forcibly entering religious places underscores the importance of safeguarding spaces of worship as integral to the city’s social fabric.

The advisory issued by the special unit of the Delhi Police signals a dedication to preemptive action and a commitment to preventing communal tensions. By remaining vigilant and taking preventive measures, the police force aims to create an environment conducive to communal harmony, fostering a sense of security among the citizens of Delhi during a period of heightened sensitivity.


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