Vande Metro to Replace Vande Bharat in Telugu States..!!

Vande Metro to replace Vande Bharat in Telugu states..!!
Vande Metro to replace Vande Bharat in Telugu states..!!

Vande Bharat.

The railway department is ready to make another change in place of these trains which are newly available for railway passengers. As of now, Vande Bharat, which runs with 16 bogies, is available in select regions. Henceforth it has been decided to bring Vande Metro trains with 8 bogies in place of these.

The Railway Minister made a statement to this effect. It has been revealed that these have been made available across the country. While one Vande Bharat is already available in Telugu states, three more new ones are ready for graduation.

Where will the new Vandemetro trains be needed..

The exercise has started based on the passenger traffic details. A new proposal with Vande Metro In the latest budget presented by the Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the railway department has been allocated nearly one lakh crores more than last year. Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnav has announced that Vande Bharat will be given priority this time.

It has been revealed that vande metros are also going to be made available in the same way as Vande Bharat. It is said that it is being brought for the convenience of the people of the areas adjacent to the cities.

Similarly, this train also has brake system, Kavach safety system to prevent red signal braking, fire sensor, GPS and LED screen arrangements which will provide a new experience to the passengers.Cities to nearby areas This Vande Metro will be completely brought to Vande Bharat as a mini version.

The railway minister revealed that it will be made available to the common man, employees, traders, students and tourists with ease and state-of-the-art facilities. He said that the Prime Minister has decided to bring Vande Bharat Metro so that people who are 50-60 km away from the cities can come to the city for work and reach their hometowns again, and accordingly many changes have been initiated.

The railway officials who have brought the project reports have already studied the reception from the passengers by bringing these trains. Vande Metro is like this in Telugu states Vande Bharat train in Telugu states is currently running between Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam.

The response to this train has been good. With this..soon three new Vande Bharat trains will be made available from Telugu states. First Secunderabad – Tirupati Vande Bharat will start soon.

And.. Regarding the new Vande Metro trains, it is reported that the railway officials have given a report that they will be suitable for two cities in the Telugu states. Lakhs of people are constantly coming to Hyderabad city for daily work. With this, along with Secunderabad, the cities of Tirupati and Visakha have been proposed in AP.

It is expected to be suitable for those coming from nearby areas of Tirupati. These trains are yet to receive final approval.


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