With his infectious energy, quirky humor, and genuine love for entertaining, Jimmy Rees has captivated audiences worldwide, carving a niche as a multifaceted entertainer. From his role as Jimmy Giggle on the ABC Kids’ flagship program “Giggle and Hoot” to his YouTube channel and live performances, Rees has consistently brought smiles to faces of all ages.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Born in Frankston, Australia, in 1987, Rees’s passion for performance ignited early. He began performing at the age of 15, showcasing his talent at local venues and events. His big break came in 2009 when he landed the role of Jimmy Giggle on “Giggle and Hoot,” a beloved children’s show that aired for over a decade.

Jimmy Giggle: A Character that Captivated Children’s Hearts

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Jimmy Giggle as a character

As Jimmy Giggle, Rees brought to life a lovable, eccentric character who captured the hearts of children. His playful antics, silly songs, and genuine warmth resonated with young viewers, making him a household name in Australia and beyond.

Expanding Horizons: YouTube, Live Performances, and Beyond

Beyond his television success, Rees has expanded his reach through his YouTube channel, where he creates engaging content that appeals to a broader audience. His videos, ranging from sketches and parodies to challenges and behind-the-scenes glimpses, have garnered a loyal following of viewers worldwide.

Rees’s talents extend beyond the screen, as he is a captivating live performer. His energetic stage presence and engaging storytelling have made him a popular choice for family-friendly events and children’s parties.

A Multifaceted Entertainer with a Heart of Gold

Behind his comedic persona lies a genuine love for entertaining and a heart full of compassion. Rees is an active supporter of various charities and causes, using his platform to raise awareness and advocate for positive change.

A Legacy of Laughter and Inspiration

Jimmy Rees’s impact extends beyond the realm of entertainment. He has inspired countless children to embrace their creativity, pursue their dreams, and spread joy to others. His legacy is one of laughter, inspiration, and the unwavering belief in the power of entertainment to connect and uplift.


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