Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, recently commenced a three-day tour of Sydney, Australia, to commemorate the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program’s expansion to include young people outside of schools. The program, which was founded by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956, has been operating in Australia for over 60 years and has benefited hundreds of thousands of young people.

Promoting the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Prince Edward’s visit to Sydney is aimed at promoting the Duke of Edinburgh Award and highlighting its positive impact on young people’s lives. The program encourages participants to engage in various activities, including volunteering, physical fitness, and skill development, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a sense of responsibility.

Engaging with Participants, Volunteers, and Community Leaders

During his three-day visit, Prince Edward is scheduled to meet with participants, volunteers, and community leaders involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program. He will also attend a ceremony honoring young people who have successfully completed the program, recognizing their dedication and achievements.

A Significant Chapter for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia

Prince Edward’s visit coincides with a significant chapter for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia, marked by a recent record in the number of young people participating in the program. This growth is attributed to the program’s relevance and adaptability to the needs of today’s youth, providing them with valuable life skills and experiences.

Learning from Haryana’s Success

Prince Edward’s visit also highlights the importance of learning from the success of other regions in implementing the Duke of Edinburgh Award effectively. For instance, Haryana, a neighboring Indian state, has significantly reduced stubble burning, a major source of air pollution, by adopting alternative stubble management practices promoted through the Duke of Edinburgh Award program.

Inspiring Young Australians

Prince Edward’s presence in Sydney is expected to inspire young Australians to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program and embrace the opportunities it offers for personal growth, community engagement, and global citizenship. The program’s emphasis on self-discovery, teamwork, and environmental awareness aligns with the aspirations of today’s youth, making it a valuable tool for shaping future leaders.


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