5 Ways an Employee Commute Solution Can Improve Your Commute


The Cambridge dictionary defines commute as ‘to travel regularly a distance between work and home.’ And while this covers the meaning well enough, it leaves out the stress employees usually face when ‘commuting’ long distances.

And now, with the pandemic having shown us that work can be done without the dreaded commute, justifying it can be difficult. Especially for companies looking to establish a hybrid workplace and, in some rare cases, a complete in-office set-up.

Further studies show that 23% of workers quit jobs because of bad commutes, which leaves companies in a tough spot. Companies must evolve and adapt to new-age solutions to retain talent and drive their industry standing. An employee commute solution helps them do this.

Here, we discuss the top five ways an employee commute solution improves the commute.

  1. Facilitates Hassle-free Transport Scheduling

An employee commute solution offers ease of booking transport through its user-friendly interface. Employees can access the app’s dashboard with a single sign-in. There, they can independently schedule their transport, specifying pick-up and drop-off locations. If their plans change, they can also cancel their bookings, reducing no-shows.

Employee commute solutions also offer bulk bookings to team managers. They can choose the kind of vehicle, depending on the team’s strength, and schedule it accordingly. This way, managers can ensure employees arrive to work on time, no matter how far they live from the office.

  • Promotes Employee Experience

Commuting is as much part of the employee experience as interpersonal interactions and meeting project deadlines. Commuting to and from work can be costly, strenuous, and tedious, especially when the commute time is longer. Because of this, employees can suffer from problems like,

  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Neck and back pain
  • Mental and physical exhaustion

These can impact an employee’s productivity and engagement at work heavily.

Studies show that companies with high employee engagement record 21% better profitability. And one way to improve such engagement is through an employee commute solution.

Companies can implement an employee commute solution to avoid burnout and enable employees to get to work fresh and ready to start their day.

It provides employees with a smooth commute by facilitating optimal route planning and reducing stress and confusion. After all, employees simply have to book their vehicle via the app and then meet it at the pick-up point. The solution automates all the other processes. Naturally, problems such as manoeuvring traffic, dealing with a flat tire, or even looking for a parking spot are all eliminated.

  • Facilitates A Safe Journey

Employee safety and security are the top priorities for any organisation. But as companies schedule multiple shifts with 24/7 work cycles, employees might need to commute at odd hours. And thus, companies must provide safe transport.

An employee commute solution helps achieve this by offering alert buttons such as,

  • Vehicle stoppage
  • SOS
  • Over speeding

These buttons are available on the mobile application of the employee commute solution. The same platform that employees will use to book their transport. Pressing any of these buttons alerts the company’s transport authorities.

In addition, the employee commute solution’s live tracking feature ensures that transport managers can ascertain the vehicle’s exact location at any time during the employee’s commute.

Lastly, the software also marks vehicles where women are travelling alone, so greater care can be taken towards them.

  • Provides Better Accountability

Companies can set up their own scoring metric for vendors with an employee commute solution. This allows data to be collected on driver compliance rate, punctuality, and passenger feedback.

Further, an employee commute solution allows transport managers to specify the geographical boundaries under the ‘geofencing tab.’ If the vehicle crosses these mapped boundaries, an instant alert is sent to the company apprising them of the situation. This acts as an additional safety net for the passengers and facilitates strict vigilance on vendors and drivers.

Additionally, driver details can be uploaded to the employee commute solution, and their compliance with company and traffic rules can be tracked and monitored. If driver details are incorrect, documents are missing, or the driver breaks rules, they are flagged to address the situation at the earliest.

The employee commute solution’s role doesn’t end once the employee is seated in the vehicle and on their way. This is a complete end-to-end solution that does everything from booking the desired type of vehicle to rating drivers according to passenger feedback and compliance rate.

  • Generates Billing Data and Reports

After completing their commute, most employees have to face the tedious task of furnishing bills and raising requests for reimbursements. But with an employee commute solution, this is no longer an issue.

Apart from facilitating a smooth commute for the employee, this software automates the billing system in an audit-friendly manner. The employee commute solution makes it available to both the employee and the facility managers. This saves employees the time they would have otherwise had to spend contacting the necessary personnel to address invoice-related issues.

Further, an employee commute solution provides customised reports such as On-Time Arrival (OTA) reports, seat utilisation, and the like for transport managers to verify whether resources are being utilised optimally.

The employee commute solution can generate customizable reports based on cost, employees, vehicles, vendors, etc. This helps in ironing out any possible operational issues or misuse as well.

Parting Thoughts

The Employee Expectations Report 2022 finds that a ‘sense of belonging’ has now become one of the top employee expectations. And an employee commute solution helps communicate this sentiment effectively. It helps employees by facilitating a smoother commute, boosting productivity and engagement at work in the process.

Companies that understand the pain points of their employees and actively take steps to eradicate them enjoy a better corporate image as well.

And we at MoveInSync, offer a comprehensive employee commute solution that includes Employee Transport Software (ETS), Rentlz, Shuttle, and GetToWork.

Our SaaS solution offers scheduling, tracking, routing, and compliance features to make employee commutes a positive experience. And with our services, our customers have witnessed a 10% decrease in overall cost, 13% in billed kilometres, and 30% in the distance travelled.

If you would like our employee commute solution to help your company streamline employee transport needs to drive productivity and reduce cost, visit our website and book a demo today!


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