80-Year-Old Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Great-Grandson for Property in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore


In a shocking incident in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, an 80-year-old man has been arrested for the alleged murder of his four-year-old great-grandson, motivated by property concerns. The accused, identified as Shobharam, was taken into custody by the police after investigations revealed his involvement in the crime. The tragedy unfolded on April 8 when the lifeless body of four-year-old Shreyansh was discovered. Following a post-mortem examination, authorities determined that the child had died due to suffocation, prompting a thorough investigation into the matter. During the course of the investigation, it was revealed that the child’s mother, Neetu, had been separated from her husband and had been residing at her maternal house for the past two years. However, her family had been eager to arrange her remarriage, and it was speculated that if the marriage did not occur, Shreyansh would have a claim to his maternal grandfather’s property.

This revelation led to suspicion falling on Neetu’s grandfather, Shobharam. It is alleged that Shobharam decided to eliminate his great-grandson to prevent any potential inheritance claims. On the fateful night of the incident, Shreyansh was sleeping alongside his great-grandfather when he woke up to use the toilet. It was during this time that Shobharam allegedly suffocated the young child by covering his face with a bedsheet. The case took a new turn when the hospital authorities informed the police about the suspicious circumstances surrounding Shreyansh’s death. A subsequent post-mortem report confirmed the cause of death as suffocation, prompting the police to launch a detailed investigation.

The authorities interrogated individuals connected to Neetu’s parents and in-laws, ultimately leading them to the shocking truth. Based on the evidence and testimonies collected, the police registered a case against Shobharam under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The accused was subsequently arrested and taken into custody. This horrific incident serves as a grim reminder of the extent to which greed and property disputes can drive individuals to commit heinous acts within their own families. The authorities are now focused on ensuring a thorough investigation and that justice is served for the innocent life that was tragically taken away.


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