Air India Flight Encounters Turbulence en route to Sydney, Seven Passengers Injured


In a recent incident, an Air India flight from Delhi to Sydney, identified as AI-302 and operating a B787-800 aircraft, experienced severe mid-air turbulence, causing discomfort and injuries to seven passengers. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) confirmed the incident, stating that the injured individuals had received the necessary medical assistance upon arrival in Sydney, and no hospitalizations were required. According to the DGCA, the cabin crew of Air India promptly provided first aid to the injured passengers, mitigating the immediate impact of the turbulence. The Air India Airport manager at Sydney had also arranged for medical assistance upon landing.

Surprisingly, out of the injured passengers, only three availed themselves of the offered medical assistance, indicating the relatively minor nature of their injuries. Air India’s spokesperson acknowledged the incident, assuring that the flight landed safely in Sydney despite the turbulent conditions experienced during the journey. The spokesperson emphasized that the well-being of the passengers remained their top priority. Only three passengers opted for medical assistance upon arrival, and none of them required hospitalization. Air India promptly reported the incident to the relevant authorities, following standard protocol in such cases.

While mid-air turbulence can be an unsettling experience for passengers, the crew’s quick response and the availability of medical assistance ensured that the injured individuals received the necessary care. The DGCA’s confirmation that none of the passengers required hospitalization further highlights the relatively minor nature of the injuries sustained. Air India’s commitment to passenger safety and the well-being of its customers is evident in its proactive handling of the incident. Such incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of following standard practices and protocols to ensure the continued safety and comfort of air travelers worldwide.


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