And the award for best singer goes to… Aadil Gurezi!


Aadil Gurezi, a lovely countenance with a melodic voice, was named the ITM Film Festival 2023 Best Singer.

The researchers found that the people who listened to music recovered faster from the stress of the experience than those who didn’t. And many studies have shown that listening to music can lower your blood pressure and your heart rate, and even lower stress hormones in your body. And the one who makes songs and sings it must be called a therapist. Such a therapist is Aadil Gurezi who has taken social media by storm with his melodious voice. Aadil Gurezi is an Indian Singer, Actor and Youtuber. He sings predominantly in Hindi and J&K Regional languages but has also performed in various other Indian languages.

Aadil is from the land known as India’s paradise. And if you have the talent, the Mayanagari Mumbai summons you, which is how Aadil arrived in Mumbai. Aadil, a young and charming artist, just received the best singer award at the ITM FILM Festival 2023 in Gwalior. Several Bollywood celebs attended the event, including Yashpal Sharma, Anjum Rizvi, Banwari Lal Jhol, and others. The award ceremony was conducted to recognize ITM University’s youthful talent. And by winning the prize for best singer, Aadil won the entire evening. Aadil had previously been nominated for the Mid-day India 2022 and the Imperial Award 2021. This young Kashmiri artist has made quite a name for himself and has become the buzz of the town.

With millions of views on YouTube, Aadil’s voice has become a treat for many people’s ears. In his 2018 song ‘Dupte Nunem,’ he rose to internet fame. And he has several songs to his name, like Dil hai na, Tere saath (composed by kashi kashyap and penned by Mukesh Mishra), Khamosh sa, Dil haar ke, Chaand, Dupte nunam, LoLo, and others. We wish Aadil the best of luck in his profession, and may he be recognised as “Jawaan dilon ki dhankan…” forever.


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