Are you Using 2 Sim Cards Danger Ahead

Are you using 2Sim Cards Danger a head
Are you using 2Sim Cards Danger a head

Telecom companies locking unrecharged SIM cards Cyber ​​crooks are buying those numbers by paying a small amount And then the money in your bank account with those numbers Due to the availability of dual sim facility in smart phones, at that time telecom companies provided free lifetime incoming facility, many people are using two numbers.

One number was maintained for office work and another number for talking to family members and close relatives. However, recently the telecom companies have started raising the charges and are recharging the permanent number only. They are leaving it without recharging to another number.

Doing so, experts say, gives cybercriminals an opportunity. It is warned that there is a risk of emptying your bank account if you leave the mobile number used for a while. This is how cheating happens.. It is known that telecom companies will block the number left without recharge.

These companies sell the blocked numbers. Anyone can get this number by paying a fixed amount. This is where cybercriminals are smart. These numbers are being acquired with false certificates. Then the details of the bank transactions of the old owners of the respective numbers are being copied.

With the help of technology, they are logging into UPI apps with their mobile number after knowing their bank account and e-mail ID. Then click on Forgot User ID through internet banking and get the details.

Then the password is also changed and the money is withdrawn from the account. Experts warn that all this is possible because your old mobile number gets into their hands.


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