Aska Police Station: Setting the Standard for Excellence in Law Enforcement


The Aska Police Station in Odisha, India has recently been awarded as the best police station in the country. The award, given by the Ministry of Home Affairs, recognizes the outstanding work and dedication of the Aska Police Station in serving their community.

The Aska Police Station has been praised for their efforts in maintaining law and order, reducing crime, and improving the overall safety and security of the area. The station has implemented a number of innovative programs and initiatives, such as community policing, which has helped to build trust and cooperation between the police and local residents.

In addition, the station has also been recognized for their efforts in addressing specific issues such as cybercrime, human trafficking, and drug abuse. The station has set up dedicated units to tackle these issues, and has trained its personnel in the latest techniques and technologies to combat them effectively.

The officers and staff at the Aska Police Station have also been commended for their dedication and commitment to serving their community. They have been praised for their willingness to go above and beyond their duty to help those in need, and for their efforts in building positive relationships with the community.

The prize was presented during the DGsP/IGsP Conference 2022, which began in New Delhi at the National Agriculture Science Complex and the prize was presented to the Inspector in charge of the Aska Police Station. The DGsP/IGsP Conference, according to DSP S K Bansal, is a source of immense pride and honour for the Odisha Police. The Ministry of Home Affairs ranks police stations around the country on an annual basis and this decision is based on 165 distinct characteristics, including crime rate, investigation, case disposition, infrastructure, and public service delivery.

The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Aska Police Station in serving their community and keeping them safe. It serves as an inspiration to other police stations across the country to strive for excellence and to make a positive impact in their communities.


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