Australian Doctor Held Captive by Al-Qaida-Linked Extremists in West Africa for Seven Years Finally Released and Reunited with Family


In a remarkable turn of events, 88-year-old Australian doctor Ken Elliott, who had been held captive by al-Qaida-linked extremists in West Africa for over seven agonizing years, has been freed and safely returned to his home country. The news of his release was announced by Australian foreign minister Penny Wong, who expressed her joy at Elliott’s safe return and the reunion with his wife and children.

Ken Elliott and his wife, Jocelyn Elliott, had dedicated their lives to running a medical clinic in Burkina Faso for an incredible four decades. However, their selfless mission was abruptly disrupted when they were both kidnapped by militants in the region. Jocelyn was released three weeks after their abduction, but Ken remained in captivity, enduring unimaginable hardships for years. The Elliott family expressed their deep gratitude to all those who had supported them throughout this harrowing ordeal. They specifically thanked those who had prayed for their safe return and acknowledged the role of faith in sustaining them during their darkest moments. While details of Ken Elliott’s release were not disclosed, Australian authorities clarified that no ransom was paid to secure his freedom.

The abduction was attributed to the notorious terrorist group al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which operates in the region and has been responsible for numerous acts of violence and kidnapping in the past. The release of Ken Elliott brings hope and relief not only to his family but also to the wider community that had followed his plight. The resilience and courage demonstrated by the Elliotts throughout their ordeal serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Their story is a reminder of the dangers faced by those who selflessly dedicate their lives to serving others, and it underscores the urgent need to address the ongoing threat posed by extremist groups in various parts of the world.


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