Autorickshaw Driver Rapes Woman for Five Days, Masked Men Shoot and Injure Another


In a horrifying incident, an autorickshaw driver in an act of betrayal, lured a woman into his vehicle under the pretense of providing her with a lift, only to take her to an isolated location where he held her captive and subjected her to rape for a period of five days. The police revealed this disturbing information on Saturday.

The incident unfolded when the woman was searching for her husband. Seizing the opportunity, her neighbor, who happened to be the auto driver, encountered her along the way and offered her a ride. Trusting him, she entered his three-wheeler, unaware of the horrific ordeal that awaited her. The driver transported her to a secluded spot where he confined her and perpetrated the heinous acts of rape over the next five days.

However, the woman, displaying immense strength and resilience, managed to escape from his clutches and made her way to the nearest police station, where she bravely lodged a complaint against the auto driver, detailing the traumatic experience she had endured.

In a separate incident, masked men targeted a woman in her residence located in DD Nagar, under the jurisdiction of the Maharajpura police station. The assailants entered her house and, without provocation, fired a country-made gun, causing injuries to the woman. Reports suggest that the attack was motivated by a dispute involving Nihal Singh Gurjar, as the criminals explicitly stated that she would face fatal consequences if she did not withdraw the complaint she had filed against him.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the incident, dispatching the injured woman to a hospital for medical attention. The police registered a case against the unidentified culprits responsible for the attack.

According to authorities, a longstanding conflict concerning the woman’s house had escalated between her and Nihal Singh Gurjar, resulting in her filing a complaint against him. Notably, Gurjar had previously been incarcerated but had recently obtained bail.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Rishikesh Meena, confirmed the incident, revealing that a group of masked individuals had shot and injured the woman. The police have initiated an investigation, registering a case against the unidentified assailants.

These distressing incidents highlight the prevalent vulnerability and safety concerns faced by individuals, especially women, in society. The need for stronger measures to ensure the protection and security of citizens is evident. Law enforcement agencies must conduct a thorough investigation, identify the perpetrators, and bring them to justice. Additionally, addressing the underlying issues, such as disputes and conflicts, through fair legal processes is crucial for maintaining peace and safety within communities.


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