Beijing Records Heaviest Rainfall in 140 Years Amidst Ongoing Extreme Weather Events in China


Recent torrential rains in Beijing have broken records, marking the heaviest rainfall the city has experienced in the last 140 years, according to the Beijing Meteorological Service. The storm, named Doksuri, originally a super typhoon, had previously hit southern Fujian province and the Philippines before sweeping northwards over China. The impact was severe, with heavy rains beginning on Saturday and nearly a month’s worth of rainfall for July falling on the capital in just 40 hours.

The devastating effects of the rainfall have been substantial, with at least 11 reported deaths in Beijing, including two workers who lost their lives while on rescue and relief operations. As the search for survivors continues, 13 people remain missing, while 14 others have been found safe. The neighboring Hebei province also faced the wrath of the storm, with nine fatalities and six individuals still unaccounted for. Additionally, two casualties were reported in northeastern Liaoning province over the weekend.

In response to the dire situation, President Xi Jinping has called for all-out efforts to rescue and assist those affected by the heavy rains. Authorities in China are grappling with the challenges posed by the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events, which scientists attribute to climate change. Record temperatures this summer have further added to the country’s woes, exacerbating the impact of the extreme weather. China is now bracing for the arrival of Typhoon Khanun, the sixth typhoon of the year, which is approaching the east coast.

As the typhoon looms, authorities are on high alert to mitigate potential damage and protect the population. The scale and frequency of these weather events underscore the urgent need for climate action and disaster preparedness measures in the region. The situation in Beijing and surrounding areas is a stark reminder of the growing risks posed by climate change and the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate its effects. As extreme weather events continue to challenge communities worldwide, governments, scientists, and individuals must work together to address the root causes and find viable solutions to safeguard lives and livelihoods.


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