Belagavi Residents Disheartened as State Budget Fails to Allocate Funds, Focuses on Bengaluru Instead

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

The recent announcement of the state budget by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has left the residents of Belagavi, known as the second capital of Karnataka, disheartened. The budget, presented in the legislative assembly, allocated no funds to Belagavi, while Bengaluru received a staggering ₹45,000 crore under the banner of “Brand Bengaluru.” The lack of allocation for Belagavi, apart from the establishment of a human body organ transplantation unit at a government-funded multi-speciality hospital, has disappointed the residents. Kannada Organisations’ Steering Committee convener, Ashok Chandaragi, expressed his disappointment and stated that the Kannada organizations had previously demanded various developments for the city, including a new district administration complex, the shifting of major ministries, and funds for the Kittur Development Authority.

However, these demands were not met. Chandaragi further criticized the neglect of north Karnataka by successive governments, pointing out the allocation of hundreds of crores of rupees to the Kalyan Karnataka Development Authority while neglecting Belagavi. The long-pending demands for the construction of a ring road and two flyovers were also untouched in the budget, according to Chandaragi. Belagavi district in-charge minister Satish Jarkiholi, who heads the public works department, assured that the flyover construction funds would be considered in the supplementary budget. He stated that if necessary, funds allocated to the PWD department would be utilized for the project.

Jarkiholi’s assurance provided some relief to the residents, as the project holds significance in reducing traffic congestion. The neglect of north Karnataka, including Belagavi, has drawn criticism from various quarters. Ashok Pujari, president of the Uttara Karnataka Abhivrudhi Horata Samiti, criticized both the current and previous governments for their failure to support the region. Pujari urged the government to shift ministries to Suvarna Vidhan Soudha in Belagavi and relocate villages situated on riverbanks to safer locations. In response to the perceived negligence, Kannada organizations and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have planned a protest to highlight the issue.

Even Congress party members, including Pujari, have criticized their own party for neglecting the district in the budget. The disappointment and frustration among the residents of Belagavi reflect their concerns over the lack of development and allocation of funds in the state budget. The focus on Bengaluru and the neglect of other regions, especially north Karnataka, have fueled demands for greater attention and resources to be directed towards Belagavi’s growth and infrastructure development.


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