BJP Leader in Uttarakhand Postpones Daughter’s Wedding Due to Opposition


A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Uttarakhand has decided to postpone his daughter’s wedding to a Muslim man following protests by right-wing groups and online backlash after the wedding invitation went viral on social media. Yashpal Benam, Chairman of the Pauri Municipal Corporation and a former MLA, made the announcement, stating that the situation had become unfavorable for the wedding.

Benam expressed his initial support for his daughter’s choice, saying that in the 21st century, children should be free to marry whomever they want. He revealed that he had informed everyone about the marriage, and initially, people were accepting of the decision. However, the situation changed when the wedding invitation went viral, leading to protests by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists in Pauri Garhwal.

The BJP leader acknowledged that as a public representative and chairman of the municipal council, he had a responsibility towards the people. He stated that the decision to postpone the wedding was made to maintain a harmonious environment. Benam also mentioned receiving personal messages opposing the wedding.

Benam emphasized that he did not want the wedding to take place under police protection and thanked the groom’s family for their support during this time. He also expressed gratitude to the police and district administration for monitoring the situation. Benam acknowledged receiving calls from senior Sangh members, some of whom expressed their views politely while others were harsh. He defended his decision, stating that neglecting the groom’s family based on their religion was unjust. Despite warnings that the marriage could jeopardize his political career, Benam asserted that his daughter’s happiness was his priority and separate from his political aspirations.

Benam, who was previously associated with the Congress party, defeated the BJP’s candidate in the Pauri Assembly constituency in 2007. The Uttarakhand BJP media in-charge stated that it was a personal matter and the party would not interfere. However, he added that the BJP opposed forced conversions and the luring of daughters for conversion.

The Congress state president called upon the BJP to take action against those threatening Benam, accusing the BJP of using supporting organizations to issue threats. He urged the BJP to address the matter seriously, highlighting the contradiction between the party’s claims of it being a personal matter and their alleged involvement in the threats.

In conclusion, a BJP leader in Uttarakhand has postponed his daughter’s wedding to a Muslim man due to protests and backlash. The decision was made to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, although it received mixed reactions. While the BJP distanced itself, the Congress party called for action against the threats. The incident underscores the challenges faced when personal choices clash with societal and political pressures.


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