BLACKPINK Extends Contract with YG Entertainment


BLACKPINK has officially extended their contract with YG Entertainment. The announcement, made by the renowned K-pop management company on December 6 KST, quashes all rumors and speculations surrounding the group’s potential departure.

YG Entertainment, the label that has nurtured and propelled iconic acts like BigBang and BABYMONSTER, expressed their satisfaction with the successful negotiation process. In a statement, the company’s board of directors declared, “We are pleased to announce that our board of directors has successfully come to an agreement on the signing of exclusive group contracts for all four members of BLACKPINK, our talented artists.”

This development not only secures the future of BLACKPINK but also reinforces the group’s commitment to continue shining in the competitive world of K-pop. The members, known for their extraordinary talent and global appeal, will continue to captivate audiences under the umbrella of YG Entertainment, their debut label.

The statement from YG Entertainment emphasizes the agency’s unwavering support and faith in BLACKPINK’s endeavors. “BLACKPINK will continue to do its best to shine more brightly in the world music market as an artist representing K-POP, and we will continue to give their unwavering support and faith in their actions.”


BLACKPINK, comprised of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, has undoubtedly become a global phenomenon since their debut. Their unique blend of talent, charisma, and international appeal has earned them a dedicated fanbase, known as “BLINKs,” and collaborations with artists from various corners of the world.

As the group extends their journey with YG Entertainment, fans can expect more music, performances, and milestones from BLACKPINK. This contract renewal not only solidifies their position in the K-pop industry but also raises anticipation for what exciting ventures and projects the future holds for this powerhouse quartet.

BLACKPINK’s decision to continue their partnership with YG Entertainment marks a significant moment in the group’s history. As they strive to represent K-pop on the global stage, fans can look forward to witnessing BLACKPINK’s continued rise and evolution in the ever-evolving world of music.


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