Brigitte Macron Condemns Violent Attack on Great-Nephew Amid Ongoing Pension Reform Protests in France


The First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron, has issued a strong statement denouncing a physical assault on her great-nephew, which occurred amidst the country’s widespread protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed pension reforms. In her statement, Brigitte Macron expressed her outrage at the “cowardice, stupidity, and violence” displayed in the attack. She emphasized her unwavering support for her family, stating that she had been in constant contact with them since the incident took place. The First Lady has consistently denounced such acts of violence, warning that they can only lead to dire consequences.

Authorities have reported that eight individuals have been arrested in connection with the assault. President Emmanuel Macron also condemned the violence, labeling it as “unacceptable” and stating that it has deeply shocked the nation. Despite the uproar, Macron affirmed his determination to proceed with the controversial pension reforms, which involve raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. The victim of the assault, Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, aged 30, manages a long-standing family chocolate shop in Amiens, a city in northern France. He was attacked while on his way to his apartment located above the chocolate shop. Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, Jean-Baptiste’s father, revealed that the assailants insulted both the president and his wife, as well as their entire family, before fleeing the scene.

This is not the first time the family’s chocolate shop has been targeted, highlighting the rising tensions surrounding the pension reform protests. Numerous French politicians have expressed their sympathy and solidarity with Brigitte Macron, strongly condemning the assault. The attack on her great-nephew has ignited further discussions on the escalating violence and unrest in the country. As France grapples with the ongoing protests, the government faces mounting pressure to address the concerns of the public and find a resolution to the pension reform crisis.


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