Ugandan Policeman Deliberately Shoots Indian Money Lender in Pre-Meditated Attack


In a shocking incident that unfolded on May 12, an off-duty police constable in Uganda deliberately shot and killed Uttam Bhandari, a 39-year-old Indian national and money lender. The Uganda Police Force has described the constable’s actions as “deliberate,” “planned,” and “pre-meditated,” leaving no doubt about the officer’s intent. The unfortunate incident occurred at the premises of the TFS firm in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, and was captured on CCTV cameras, providing crucial evidence for the investigation. The altercation leading to the fatal shooting stemmed from a monetary dispute between Bhandari and the constable, identified as 30-year-old Ivan Wabwire. It was revealed that Wabwire owed a sum of money to a financial services firm operated by Bhandari.

The day after the tragic killing, Ugandan President Yoweri K Museveni expressed his condolences to Bhandari’s family and posed pertinent questions to the security forces regarding the incident. The Indian High Commission in Kampala also extended its sympathies to the victim’s relatives during this difficult time. According to the police, Wabwire had a documented history of mental instability, and he had been prohibited from possessing firearms for the past five years. Shockingly, Wabwire carried out the crime using an AK-47 assault rifle that belonged to a fellow officer and roommate. Upon investigating the crime scene, authorities recovered 13 cartridges, highlighting the extent of the gunfire exchanged between Wabwire and Bhandari. The recovered evidence, along with the CCTV footage, forms a crucial part of the ongoing investigation.

As the investigation proceeds, there will be a focus on understanding the motivations behind Wabwire’s actions and the potential failures within the police force that allowed an unstable officer to access a weapon. This tragic incident has raised concerns about the need for stricter firearms regulations and mental health evaluations for law enforcement officers in Uganda. The murder of Uttam Bhandari has sent shockwaves through the Indian community in Uganda and beyond, emphasizing the importance of a thorough investigation and ensuring justice for the victim and his grieving family.


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