California bans Caste-discrimination


The California State Senate has made history by passing legislation that aims to ban caste-based discrimination in the state. The bill, known as SB 403, received an overwhelming 34-1 vote in favor and would make California the first US state to include caste as a protected category in its anti-discrimination laws. The proposed law, introduced by Senator Aisha Wahab, adds caste as a protected category to the existing Unruh Civil Rights Act, which ensures equal treatment and accommodations for all individuals in California.SB 403 provides explicit protections for those who have been systematically affected by caste bias and prejudice, as well as legal consequences for individuals or entities involved in caste discrimination or violence.

This landmark bill follows the Seattle City Council’s earlier legislation to ban caste discrimination and resolutions from various organizations, including the California Democratic Party, the California State University system, and tech giants like Apple and Cisco, supporting the designation of caste as a protected category.The passage of SB 403 has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation from activists and organizations fighting against caste-based discrimination. Supporters view it as a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and equal treatment of Dalit and caste-oppressed communities.

They hope that the California Assembly will promptly pass the bill, and Governor Newsom will sign it into law. Additionally, they encourage other states and the US Congress to follow California’s lead in recognizing and addressing caste discrimination as a violation of human rights.


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