‘Catch the Rain 2023’ Campaign to Be Launched by President Murmu


India’s President Ram Nath Kovind recently launched the “Catch the Rain 2021” campaign, a national initiative aimed at conserving water and promoting water security in the country. Now, the “Catch the Rain 2023” campaign is set to be launched by President Droupadi Murmu on World Water Day, which falls on March 22.

The campaign aims to promote rainwater harvesting and to encourage people to conserve and utilize rainwater in a sustainable manner. The initiative will be carried out in collaboration with state governments, local bodies, and community organizations, and will involve a range of activities such as awareness campaigns, training programs, and the development of water conservation structures.

According to the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the central government’s water resources department, the “Catch the Rain 2023” campaign will focus on three main areas: creating rainwater harvesting structures, promoting recharge of groundwater, and promoting awareness and education on water conservation.

The campaign will also involve the installation of rain gauges and weather stations across the country to improve rainfall forecasting and to help in the management of water resources.

India is one of the world’s most water-stressed countries, with many regions facing acute water scarcity and drought. The country’s water resources are under severe pressure due to a combination of factors, including population growth, urbanization, climate change, and pollution.

The “Catch the Rain 2023” campaign is part of the central government’s efforts to address these challenges and to promote sustainable water management practices across the country. The initiative is aligned with the government’s flagship Jal Jeevan Mission, which aims to provide tap water connections to all rural households in the country by 2024.

The success of the campaign will depend on the active participation and involvement of communities, and on the adoption of sustainable water management practices at the local level. The government has called on all citizens to support the initiative and to work towards conserving and utilizing rainwater in a responsible and sustainable manner.


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