“CESCO Industries unveils new brand of nails: CESCO Nails, a game-changer in the hardware industry.”


Mumbai, India – CESCO Industries, a premier purveyor of hardware iron nails, is pleased to unveil its latest endeavor, CESCO Nails. The company, birthed in 2013 by the visionary Mr Ajit Lakhotia and the accomplished Mrs Madhuri Ajit Lakhotia, has swiftly cemented its reputation as a dependable and trustworthy purveyor of top-notch nails in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and its neighbouring regions.

Their new brand, CESCO Nails, embodies quality, durability and excellence. These nails are crafted with precision and care, using only the finest materials, ensuring they can withstand even the most demanding tasks. The sleek and modern design of the packaging reflects the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process. CESCO Industries is committed to providing its valued customers with the highest satisfaction. The launch of CESCO Nails is a testament to this commitment and a shining example of the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence. The team at CESCO Industries is ecstatic to share this exciting new venture with the world and can’t wait to see its impact on the hardware industry. The new brand will surely be a game-changer, revolutionizing how nails are perceived and used.

CESCO Industries, a once fledgling distribution company, rose from the ashes of adversity with a phoenix-like determination. In the early 2000s, they were dealt a harsh blow by unscrupulous trade practices that resulted in significant losses. Rather than succumbing to defeat, they decided to pivot their strategy and delve into the manufacturing of their brand of nails. And thus, CESCO Nails was born.

Today, CESCO Nails has firmly established itself as a reputable and esteemed brand within the hardware and construction industries. Its impeccable quality is renowned, and its diamond-point design, which allows for effortless penetration, is highly sought after by professionals. The nails boast a bright polish and rust-resistant zinc plating that guarantees longevity and durability even in the most demanding environments.

It is a brand that stands for reliability, durability and excellence.

The company CESCO Industries has been on a meteoric rise, its distribution network spreading like wildfire across the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and beyond. With regular sales representatives in a staggering 600 retail shops in the city and surrounding areas, their brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the hardware industry. But this is only the beginning. CESCO Industries has its sights set on a greater goal that will cement its legacy as a household name throughout the entire nation of India. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the tranquil villages of Uttar Pradesh, they will not rest until their brand is known and respected in every corner of this great land. But this is a challenging feat.

They must navigate India’s complex and diverse landscape, with its many languages and cultures, to truly become a national brand. But with determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, CESCO Industries will rise to the top and be recognized as the premier hardware company in India.

CESCO Nails are a brand of nails that are now being offered in various packaging options, including small packaging of 100 gms, 200 gms, and 400 gms, as well as bulk packaging of 1kg and 2kg. This new packaging method is a departure from traditional selling nails, typically in loose form. The new packaging options are becoming increasingly popular among retailers for several reasons.

One of the main benefits of the new packaging is that it makes it easier for retailers to keep track of inventory. With loose nails, it can be challenging to know exactly how many nails are left in stock. With the new packaging options, retailers can quickly and easily see how many nails they have on hand, making it easier to reorder when necessary.

Another benefit of the new packaging is that it makes it easier for retailers to sell nails in smaller quantities. Retailers may have had to purchase large quantities of nails for a reasonable price. Still, with the new packaging options, retailers can now purchase smaller quantities at a more affordable price. This makes it easier for retailers to offer nails to customers who only need a small amount.

The new packaging options also make it easier for retailers to display nails in their stores. With loose nails, creating an attractive display can be challenging. With the new packaging, retailers can create a more organized and visually appealing display, which can help to attract more customers.

For more information on CESCO Industries and their products, please visit their Instagram and Facebook pages or contact Mr Ajit Lakhotia at +91-9820352335 / 7498864973.

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