Ceuspices: A Culinary Journey Honoring a Mother’s Dream.


In Margao, Goa’s heart is an enterprise that pays homage to a mother’s ambition and spices celebration called Ceuspices. It was started by Hazel Fernandes and this venture is situated on the ideals of Mrs. Ceuzita Lourdes Fernandes, who desired to share the tastes of her kitchen with people all over.

Ceuzita’s dream becomes reality through Ceuspices which was initiated by her daughter Hazel. The name itself, derived from “Ceuzita,” meaning “Small Heaven,” epitomizes the very essence of this spice land.

It is not just a spice business but a heartfelt dedication to a mother’s passion; it is what Ceuspices represents. As she seeks success in business, Hazel Fernandes does not only aim at preserving her mother’s legacy and treasured traditions; rather, she works hard in such an endevour since her mom loved spices so much as well as culinary arts.

The product range represents the colourful tapestry of Goan flavours and provides numerous varieties of spices and condiments. From the fragrant Dry Masala assortment containing Biryani Masala, Garam Masala, Goan Curry Masala, Turmeric among others to piquant Molho choices like Beef Molho, Kingfish Molhos Pork Molhos and Prawn Molho – every plate will become a culinary masterpiece at Ceuspices!

The Wet Masala collection, which includes Cafreal Masala, Recheado Masala, and Vindaloo Masala, adds a burst of authentic Goan flavours. Ceuspices also boasts a selection of Whole Spices, such as Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, and Pepper, allowing customers to embark on a sensory journey with every meal.

In addition to these spice offerings, Ceuspices provides a range of other essential products, including Coconut Oil, Honey, Oil, Pure Ghee, and Vinegar, ensuring a holistic culinary experience for their customers.

Hazel Fernandes expresses her excitement about this venture, aiming to introduce people to the vibrant and diverse world of spices. Her dedication to upholding her mother’s values is evident in every product offered by Ceuspices. The journey ahead is not just about business success; it’s about carrying forward a cherished legacy and sharing the love for spices that Ceuzita Lourdes Fernandes envisioned.

As Ceuspices sets out on this flavourful journey, it invites all to savor the essence of Goan spices and experience the warmth of a mother’s dream fulfilled.

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