ChatGPT Bot Channels History to Pen State of Union Speech


The Associated Press instructed the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to work up State of the Union speeches as they might have been written by some of history’s greatest minds as well as some stooges.

As they wanted to written about proper information about some speeches with historical things in that. AP ordered 300-word versions, in contrast to Biden’s sprawling 6,400 words last year, and tapped a few people so iconic we know them by only one name. The virtual Greek philosopher Aristotle gracefully quoted Socrates, Cleopatra the historic Egyptian ruler asked for the blessing of the gods, Madonna cited her perspective as a mother and a woman in entertainment ChatGPT was also asked to channel singer Elvis Presley, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, the ground-breaking NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and baseball’s Yogi Berra, among others.

The app is part of a new generation of AI systems that can converse in human-like fashion and generate text based on what they’ve learned from a vast database.

As it will do great help when people have to discover some facts . Some teachers worry their students will use it instead of their brains for school papers. ChatGPT rendered Shakespeare’s State of the Union speech in rhyme. The version channeling comedian Jerry Seinfeld captured his signature phrasings. For all the app’s smarts, it wasn’t all-knowing. In the speech channeling King, it had the civil rights leader quoting himself. It conveyed none of Abraham Lincoln’s eloquence.

And it declined to take a run at drafting 2023 Biden’s speech, instead serving up a rehash of his last one. ChatGPT in great for doing it’s work with Artificial intelligence .

It is using it’s field information and analysed all the data for providing best answer towards any questions or query. It’s now will do work in state of the Union speeches.


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