Chinese Comedian Under Investigation for Joke Comparing Military Slogan to Adopted Dogs


Li Haoshi, a popular Chinese comedian known by his stage name House, is currently facing investigation by authorities after a joke he made went viral on social media. In the controversial performance, Li compared a military slogan used by Chinese President Xi Jinping to his own adopted dogs. The joke, which involved Li remarking on the behavior of his two energetic dogs and their resemblance to the military slogan, sparked condemnation from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and social media users alike.

Li’s performance took place in front of an audience who seemed to find the joke amusing, as they laughed and applauded his remarks. However, once the clip began circulating on Weibo, a Twitter-like platform in China, it quickly drew negative attention. The military slogan in question, which emphasizes qualities such as a good work ethic and the ability to win battles, has been associated with President Xi and the PLA since 2013. Li humorously likened his dogs’ behavior, particularly their enthusiasm in chasing squirrels, to the principles espoused by the slogan. The joke not only upset the PLA, but it also sparked outrage among social media users who deemed the comedian’s remarks disrespectful to the military and President Xi.

Consequently, authorities launched an investigation into Li’s performance, with the aim of determining whether his joke violated any laws or regulations pertaining to national security or the defamation of the Chinese military. As the investigation unfolds, Li Haoshi’s case has reignited discussions around the limits of freedom of speech and the boundaries of comedy in China. The incident serves as a reminder of the increasingly sensitive nature of public discourse in the country and the potential consequences for those who push the boundaries of acceptable speech.


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