Coal India Ltd To Expand Into M-Sand Production As Part Of Broader Schemes


Coal India Ltd, the state-owned coal mining company, has announced plans to launch M-Sand (manufactured sand) production projects as part of their broader business schemes. M-Sand is a substitute for natural sand, made by crushing rocks and stones, and is increasingly in demand due to its lower cost and consistent quality.

The company aims to tap into the growing market for M-Sand and establish a strong presence in the construction industry. The production of M-Sand will not only diversify Coal India Ltd’s revenue stream but also aid in reducing the nation’s dependence on river sand, which has seen a significant decline in quality and quantity due to excessive sand mining.

The details of the M-Sand projects are yet to be disclosed, but it is expected to roll out in the coming months. This move by Coal India Ltd comes as part of the government’s initiative to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices. The introduction of M-Sand production marks a significant shift for Coal India Ltd, which has primarily focused on coal production in the past. This move also aligns with the company’s goal of expanding its business operations and reaching new markets.

The majority of the waste is disposed of at the surface, which needs rigorous planning and management to limit the environmental effect of mining. Sand is classed as a’minor mineral’. State governments have administrative jurisdiction over minor minerals, which are governed by state-specific regulations.

Finding alternatives to river sand became required due to high demand, controlled supply, and a full prohibition on sand mining during the monsoon to safeguard river ecosystems. The Ministry of Mines’ Sand Mining Framework (2018) envisions alternate supplies of sand in the form of manufactured sand (M-sand) from crushed rock fines (crusher dust) and sand from coal mine overburden (OB).

CIL’s OB to M-Sand effort is enabling waste overburden processing at its OC Mines. Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) from coal mine overburden has several economic and environmental benefits, including cost-effectiveness, consistency, environmental benefits, reduced water consumption, better workability, freed OB dumps, best out of waste, and helps maintain the water table alongside other things.


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