Controversial Acts by Teachers Spark Outrage and Investigations in Assam Schools


A shocking incident unfolded in Assam’s Majuli district, where a teacher allegedly took it upon himself to discipline over 30 students by chopping off their hair during the morning assembly. The teacher claimed that he was following the school’s guidelines, which prohibited students from keeping long hair. However, this act has ignited a wave of criticism and concern among parents and the community.

The school authorities defended their actions, stating that they had repeatedly warned the students and communicated with their parents regarding the violation of the school’s guidelines. They maintained that the hair-cutting measure was intended to instill discipline. Nevertheless, Deputy Commissioner Cavery B Sarma has ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident and called for a detailed report from the officials.

Parents of the affected students expressed their distress, with some children refusing to attend classes as they felt humiliated by the incident. One parent shared that their child returned home in tears with his hair trimmed on the front side, refusing to go back to school. While parents acknowledged the importance of maintaining cleanliness and adhering to uniform policies, they condemned the public hair-cutting act as extremely humiliating for the students involved.

District administration officials clarified that there is no provision in the state government’s guidelines that permits teachers to trim or chop off students’ hair within the school premises. This revelation adds weight to the concerns raised by parents and underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the incident.

In a separate incident in the Cachar district, another school faced criticism for imposing a fine of Rs 250 on a student who accidentally spoke in their mother tongue on school grounds. School authorities defended their actions by stating that their objective was to teach discipline, and the collection of fines was never their intention.

Both incidents have sparked outrage and debate among parents, education professionals, and the general public regarding the methods employed by schools to enforce discipline. The incidents highlight the necessity of ensuring that disciplinary measures are implemented within appropriate boundaries and in accordance with established guidelines.

As investigations into both incidents are underway, concerned stakeholders are calling for transparency, accountability, and a reassessment of disciplinary practices within educational institutions. The emotional well-being and dignity of students must be prioritized while imparting discipline, fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment for all.


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