Controversial “Slavery Simulator” Game Removed from Google Play Store After Outrage in Brazil


Google has taken down a highly controversial game called “Slavery Simulator” from its app store following widespread outrage in Brazil. Developed by Magnus Games and released on April 20, the game allowed players to “buy and sell” black characters, engaging in various forms of torture and preventing the abolition of slavery to accumulate wealth. The game had garnered over 1,000 downloads before being removed on Wednesday. Brazil, a country grappling with the legacy of slavery, which was only abolished in 1888, expressed strong condemnation of the game. Social media users voiced fury, and prominent politicians called for tech companies to be held to higher standards.

Critics highlighted the blatant racism and violent imagery depicted in the game, expressing concern about its potential to spread cruelty and hate speech against black people. In response to the controversy, Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into how the game was allowed on the Google Play Store. The Ministry for Racial Equality also arranged a meeting with Google to establish “anti-racist content moderation” policies, and the developers of the game will face legal repercussions. A Google spokesperson emphasized that the Play Store does not permit apps that promote violence, incite hatred based on race or ethnicity, or depict gratuitous violence.

The spokesperson stated that appropriate action is taken when violations are identified. Magnus Games, the developer of the game, did not respond to a request for comment. The company had previously claimed that the game was solely for entertainment purposes, condemning slavery while asserting that the content was fictional and unrelated to specific historical events. Brazil’s history includes the enslavement of over four million people, with 1.5 million enslaved individuals residing in the country in 1822.


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