Delhi Police Dismisses Hate Speech and Cognisable Offence Charges Against Wrestlers in Brij Bhushan Harassment Case


In a recent development in the Brij Bhushan harassment case, the Delhi Police have cleared the wrestlers of the allegations related to hate speech and cognisable offences, according to a report. The decision comes after a thorough investigation by the authorities, who found no substantial evidence to support the charges against the accused wrestlers.

The case, which garnered significant attention in the media and the public, involved accusations of hate speech and cognisable offences against a group of wrestlers, led by Brij Bhushan. The complainant alleged that the wrestlers had indulged in derogatory remarks and engaged in activities that incited hatred and violence. The accusations raised concerns about the role of influential individuals in promoting hate speech and its potential consequences. However, after conducting a detailed probe into the matter, the Delhi Police concluded that the charges of hate speech and cognisable offences against the wrestlers were unsubstantiated. The investigators meticulously examined the available evidence, including witness testimonies, audio recordings, and other relevant materials. Their findings did not establish any concrete link between the accused wrestlers and the alleged hate speech incidents.

The police emphasized the importance of maintaining objectivity and impartiality while investigating such cases. They stated that their primary goal was to ensure justice and fairness, irrespective of the individuals involved. The decision to dismiss the charges against the wrestlers was based solely on the evidence and the lack of legal grounds to proceed with the case. This development has sparked varied reactions from different sections of society. Supporters of the accused wrestlers express relief and assert their faith in the police investigation. They argue that the wrestlers’ reputation was unfairly tarnished due to the baseless allegations. On the other hand, critics question the integrity of the investigation and express concerns about the message this decision may send regarding hate speech and its consequences.

The case serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement authorities in addressing hate speech allegations. It highlights the need for a thorough and unbiased approach in investigating such cases to ensure justice is served. While the wrestlers have been cleared of these charges, it is crucial to continue promoting an environment of tolerance and respect, discouraging hate speech in all its forms. As the legal process moves forward, it remains to be seen how this decision will impact the Brij Bhushan harassment case and the wider discourse on hate speech in society. The outcome will undoubtedly shape future conversations on the balance between freedom of expression and the consequences of incendiary speech.


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