Delhi Services Secretary Removal Sparks Allegations of Misbehaviour and Conspiracy


In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling granting control over the transfer and postings of bureaucrats to the Delhi government, senior bureaucrat Ashish More has filed a complaint against Delhi minister Saurabh Bharadwaj. More, who was removed from his position as Delhi’s Services Secretary shortly after the court’s verdict, alleges that Bharadwaj misbehaved with him and issued threats during a meeting on May 16. Seeking action from the government and personal security, More’s complaint has escalated tensions between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Lieutenant Governor (LG).

In response, Bharadwaj has dismissed the allegations, questioning the significance of More’s claims and asserting that the officer did not accept a letter from the government despite being at his residence. The minister also revealed that a reshuffle of officers, aimed at removing those impeding public work, had been planned since the day of the Supreme Court’s verdict. However, More’s absence delayed the process, and the proposal for his replacement was subsequently sent to LG VK Saxena, who has yet to approve it. Bharadwaj further alleged that the LG has been pressuring officials through phone calls, instructing them to postpone matters, citing an imminent ordinance by the central government to counter the court’s decision. Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, echoed these claims, questioning the LG’s refusal to sign off on the Services Secretary file and speculating that a central government conspiracy may be at play to overturn the court’s ruling.

Four days prior to these events, More had received a show-cause notice requesting him to step aside for his replacement. The Services Minister explained that More had abruptly left the Secretariat without notifying his office and had his phone switched off, making him uncontactable. As tensions escalate, with allegations of misbehaviour, conspiracy, and a potential ordinance, the AAP ministers plan to meet the LG to demand his compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision. Meanwhile, Kejriwal took to Twitter to question the LG’s actions and speculate about the central government’s intentions. The situation remains fraught with uncertainty as the power struggle between the Delhi government and the LG continues.


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