Discover the Enchanting Flavors of Odisha: 7 Irresistible Beverages That Will Leave You Craving for More


Odisha, a state located on the eastern coast of India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine. One aspect of Odisha’s culinary treasure trove that often goes unnoticed is its diverse array of refreshing beverages. From traditional concoctions rooted in ancient traditions to contemporary delights with a modern twist, the beverages of Odisha offer a delightful sensory experience that will leave you wanting more. Let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting flavors of Odisha and explore seven popular drinks that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Bela Pana:

Bela Pana, a quintessential beverage of Odisha, is a sweet and tangy concoction made from ripe bela (wood apple) pulp, jaggery, and aromatic spices. This cooling drink is traditionally prepared during the Odia New Year, known as Pana Sankranti. Its unique blend of flavors, coupled with its rejuvenating properties, makes Bela Pana a must-try beverage in Odisha.

Ganne Ka Ras:

Known as “Nadia,” sugarcane juice holds a special place in the hearts of Odias. The fresh and natural sweetness of this beverage, extracted from crushed sugarcane, provides instant refreshment during scorching summers. Served with a dash of lemon and ginger, Ganne Ka Ras is a popular street-side delight that will quench your thirst and energize your senses.

Aam Jhora:

As the name suggests, Aam Jhora is a delightful blend of ripe mangoes, curd, and sugar. This creamy and luscious beverage is a beloved summer treat, cherished by Odias across generations. Its fruity tang and silky texture offer a blissful respite from the sweltering heat.

Tanka Torani:

Tanka Torani is a traditional buttermilk drink that holds a special place in Odia cuisine. Prepared by churning yogurt, water, and a medley of aromatic spices, this savory beverage is known for its digestive properties. Tanka Torani is often paired with pakoras or rice dishes, offering a refreshing and satisfying culinary experience.

Khajuri Thanda:

Khajuri Thanda, literally translating to “Date Palm Cooler,” is a unique beverage made from the sap of date palm trees. Collected during the winter months, the sweet sap is mixed with water and a hint of lime juice, resulting in a rejuvenating and nutritious drink. Khajuri Thanda is not only a delicious quencher but also an excellent source of natural minerals.


Kanji is a tangy fermented drink that holds a significant cultural significance in Odisha. Made from black carrots, mustard seeds, and a mix of spices, Kanji is traditionally prepared during festivals like Holi. This zesty and flavorful beverage not only aids digestion but also adds a burst of tanginess to your palate.

Adhara Pana:

Adhara Pana is a unique beverage prepared during the holy festival of Raja Parba in Odisha. Made with a blend of milk, yogurt, and a variety of seasonal fruits, this sweet drink symbolizes fertility and abundance. The rich and creamy texture of Adhara Pana, coupled with its delightful medley of flavors, makes it a must-have during festive celebrations.

Odisha’s diverse and vibrant culture extends to its remarkable culinary heritage, with an assortment of beverages that celebrate tradition and tantalize the taste buds. From the tangy sweetness of Bela Pana to the zesty punch of Kanji.


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