E-Rupee: E-Rupee Services in More Cities with Interests of Banks

E-Rupee: E-Rupee Services in more cities with interests of banks

E-Rupee: E-Rupee Services in more cities with interests of banks
E-Rupee: E-Rupee Services in more cities with interests of banks

E-RUPEE: The RBI fixes the E-RBI to bring the Indian digital currency E-rupee to the public. Whether it’s going to be slowly in the joy of the kangaroo, the central bank is displaying aggression. First of all, these services have been enhanced in 5 cities with 8 banks, and more areas.
In more cities E-Rupees : The Reserve Bank said that the newest 5 banks were part of the digital currency pilot project. The E-Rupee has been provided by these banks for retail customers. With more banks, this project has been expanded to 9 cities. Throw slowly, the constant digital currencies are expected to be familiar with people.

There are no Avantra: The reserve bank has begun in early December of the E-Rupee consumption in 5 cities through 8 banks. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is currently available for 50 thousand users. 5 Thousands of people in them.

The 8 banks in 5 cities are currently offering these services, and the Deputy Governor Rabi Shankar said. ‘So far no glitches are not resisted. Hence the current pilot services will be extended to more than other cities. That’s why the banks have increased 5 to 9 ‘.
Thousands: ‘People are supposed to be slowly, gradually the process of switching to digital currency. Nothing is going to be completed quickly. We have some goals in terms of users, traders.

We take the E-rupee in public basis. We are giving importance to realistically understand how the effect is running, “Deputy Governor said. In terms of transactions, he said, so far, only Rs.7.7 lakhs were only valuable transactions.
Wholesale and retail consumption.

RBI launched digital currency on November 1, Digital currency, retail consumption on December 1. Holceel has been restricted to the Settlement of government securities, secondary market transactions. The retail e-rupee is piloting as closed user group (cug) for purchases between users and traders.


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