Ed O’Neill Reflects on Regrettable Fallout with Amanda Bearse


Veteran actor Ed O’Neill, renowned for his iconic role as Al Bundy in “Married … With Children,” recently opened up about a bitter fallout with co-star Amanda Bearse during an episode of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s “Dinner’s On Me” podcast. The rift stemmed from a regrettable incident surrounding a TV Guide cover shoot, where tensions arose due to Bearse and David Garrison being excluded from the featured cast.

O’Neill, now 77, confessed to a decision made during the TV Guide cover shoot that he later regretted. The core of the issue lay in the exclusion of Bearse and Garrison, with O’Neill attributing it to the publication’s rule of featuring only a limited number of cast members on the cover. Despite exceptions made for other shows like ‘MASH’ and ‘Dallas,’ O’Neill expressed frustration that the same leniency wasn’t extended to their cast.

According to O’Neill, the feud intensified when Bearse expected him to advocate for her and the omitted co-stars. However, O’Neill admitted to remaining silent during the confrontation, fearing the loss of the cover altogether. He emphasized the cast’s luck in securing the cover and the pressure not to jeopardize the opportunity.

Bearse confronted O’Neill, expressing the expectation for him to approach co-creator Ron Leavitt and demand inclusion for all cast members. Unfortunately, O’Neill didn’t fulfill that expectation, leading to a lingering sense of regret. He acknowledged that, given the chance to revisit the situation, he would change how he handled it, recognizing it as a missed opportunity to support his co-stars on a monumental TV Guide cover.

Ed O’Neill’s revelation offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of “Married … With Children” and the challenges faced during high-profile moments like a TV Guide cover shoot. The actor’s candid reflection serves as a reminder of the complexities within the entertainment industry and the impact such incidents can have on relationships among cast members.


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