EnGame Group’s Acquisition of Iconic Book of Records: A Masterstroke in Building Brands


EnGame Group’s recent acquisition of the renowned Iconic Book of Records has garnered significant attention within the media and publishing industry. The founder, Dr. Sanjay Lunia (h.c.), a visionary leader, made a strategic decision to acquire the esteemed brand, showcasing the company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and growth.

This acquisition offers EnGame Group a competitive advantage within the industry by complementing its innovative approach and commitment to excellence with the Iconic Book of Records’ legacy of excellence and innovation. The association with the prestigious brand amplifies the reach and impact of EnGame Group’s press releases to a broader audience. The Iconic Book of Records’ global following further enhances EnGame Group’s credibility and reputation.

The acquisition of the Iconic Book of Records marks a pivotal milestone in EnGame Group’s growth and success journey. It positions EnGame Group to become a dominant player in the media and publishing industry. The visionary leadership of Dr. Lunia and the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence will be further consolidated by the acquisition of the Iconic Book of Records.

Dr. Lunia’s understanding of the power of titles played an instrumental role in the acquisition. As the World’s Youngest Publisher, he recognizes the profound impact a title can have on an individual’s perception. EnGame Group hopes to capitalize on the acquisition of the Iconic Book of Records to reinforce its dominance in the industry and solidify its position as a trendsetter.

EnGame Group boasts an impressive track record of working with high-profile clients, including fortune 500 companies and various entrepreneurs, in building their brands through media and publishing. The company’s remarkable work culture has contributed significantly to its success, which has been recognized through numerous accolades such as the AtmaNirbhar Award in 2022 for its profitability and its ISO certification.

EnGame Group’s acquisition of the Iconic Book of Records is a strategic move aimed at revamping and re-structuring the brand. The company believes in transforming the Iconic Book of Records into a world-class brand with a renewed focus on innovation, excellence, and relevance in today’s world. The acquisition highlights EnGame Group’s unwavering commitment to its vision of transforming the media and publishing industry.


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