Fatal incident:Van explosion in Milan


A van transporting oxygen tanks to a medical facility in Milan, Italy, exploded in the city center, leading to the evacuation of nearby buildings, including a school. The incident caused minor injuries to the driver, who attempted to extinguish the flames. Firefighters swiftly brought the situation under control.The explosion occurred in a narrow street near Porta Romana, sending a plume of dark smoke into the air.

The intense heat from the flames damaged cars, motorcycles, and windows in adjacent buildings, including a school. However, firefighters managed to prevent the fire from spreading further.The driver sustained a hand injury while trying to combat the blaze and received immediate medical attention at the scene. He was subsequently transported to a hospital for further treatment. The exact cause of the explosion remains unknown, but authorities suspect the presence of a significant amount of explosive material inside the van. Law enforcement agencies have initiated an investigation into the incident.Approximately 200 to 300 children from an elementary, middle school, and day care complex were safely evacuated, according to Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala.

The evacuation proceeded without any complications or injuries. The situation is being closely monitored as authorities work to determine the circumstances surrounding the explosion and ensure the safety of the affected area.


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