Flight Delays Strand Passengers at Mumbai and Patna Airports; Airlines Provide Support Amidst Operational Challenges


Over 100 passengers were left stranded at Mumbai International Airport as a Vietnam VietJet flight experienced an unexpected delay due to operational reasons. The flight, originally scheduled to depart for Ho Chi Minh City at 01:00 local time, was rescheduled to 20:30 local time. This delay had a cascading effect on other flights as well. VietJet Air, the carrier, assured affected passengers that they would receive support in accordance with the airline’s policy, including accommodation, meals, beverages, and other necessary assistance.

According to a passenger account, approximately 300 travelers faced a similar predicament at the Mumbai airport. They were stranded for nearly 10 hours due to an aircraft glitch on a VietJet flight bound for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The unexpected inconvenience caused frustration and inconvenience for the stranded passengers.

In another incident, frustrated passengers at Patna airport created a ruckus after a SpiceJet flight was delayed. The flight, originally scheduled to fly to Delhi on May 25, experienced a diversion due to bad weather conditions at Patna airport. The SG 471 flight from New Delhi was rerouted to Varanasi airport. Subsequently, the flight had to return to Delhi.

Passengers had been waiting for hours throughout the night, expecting the flight to arrive in the morning. However, the flight did not materialize as anticipated. The airline informed passengers of a four-hour delay, rescheduling the departure time from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Despite arriving at Patna airport at 6:30 pm, passengers were informed at 10:15 pm that the flight would not arrive that night. Instead, it would be available the following morning.

Both incidents highlight the challenges faced by airlines in maintaining smooth operations amidst unforeseen circumstances. While such situations can be frustrating for passengers, airlines strive to provide necessary support and assistance. In both cases, the affected passengers were assured of accommodations, meals, beverages, and other necessary provisions as per the airlines’ policies. These incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of effective communication between airlines and passengers during such disruptions, ensuring timely updates and minimizing inconvenience for travelers.


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