Zomato’s Important Decision.. Those Services will Stop!

Food delivery app Zomato's key decision.. Those services will stop!


The leading online food delivery company Zomato has recently taken a key decision. Zomato announced ‘Zomato in Instant 2022’ in 2022 to deliver food within ten minutes of ordering online. But Zomato took the crucial decision after testing these services in parts of Bengaluru, Gurugram and Delhi. It is reported that Zomato has decided to cancel the instant 10-minute food delivery service launched last year as part of its instant delivery service.

However, it is reported that Zomato is stopping these services due to not getting the expected results. It is known that Zomato has recently informed the restaurant partners to this extent. After canceling Zomato’s Instant 2022 services, the company is reportedly taking steps to replace these services with low-value packed meals, thali and combo meals.

Zomato has introduced Zomato Instant 2022, which delivers groceries in ten minutes, to boost profitability in tough market conditions. However, Zomato found that while profits are not increasing with these services, orders are not coming in keeping with the costs incurred. In this order, it is said that these services will be stopped and another new service will be introduced in a week and ten days in its place.

However, Zomato says that it is not stopping the instant services, it is rebranding. The Zomato company has revealed that the latest decision will not cause any problem to the users.


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