Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan granted bail


Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was recently granted bail by the Islamabad High Court in multiple cases, made his way back to his residence in Lahore’s Zaman Park amidst a warm welcome from supporters. After two days of detention, Imran Khan departed from the Islamabad High Court premises in a security cavalcade during the early hours of Saturday, as reported by Geo News.The court granted him protective bail for two weeks in a corruption case, ensuring that he would not be arrested until Monday in any case filed throughout the country. Imran Khan expressed his gratitude and relief while en route to Lahore, stating that the Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad had initially attempted to prevent him from leaving the capital. Imran Khan alleged that he was held against his will for three hours until he threatened to inform the entire nation about his alleged kidnapping.

Under pressure, the IG eventually permitted his departure.Furthermore, the court granted Imran Khan bail until May 17 in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case and until May 22 in the Zille Shah murder case. In addition, another bench prohibited his arrest until May 15 in three terrorism cases. Imran Khan commended the judiciary’s decision and emphasized its crucial role in protecting the nation against the “law of the jungle.”Imran Khan’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case had previously sparked violent clashes outside the Islamabad court premises, but the Supreme Court of Pakistan later deemed the arrest illegal. Prior to the Islamabad High Court’s bail decision, Imran Khan had issued a warning of countrywide unrest if he were to be arrested again.

He currently faces numerous cases across Pakistan, including allegations of treason, blasphemy, and inciting violence and terrorism.In summary, Imran Khan’s return to Lahore after being granted bail by the Islamabad High Court in various cases has been met with support from his followers. The court’s decision to provide him with protective bail in multiple cases has offered temporary relief to the former Prime Minister. Imran Khan expressed his appreciation for the judiciary’s role in safeguarding the principles of democracy and preventing lawlessness in the country.


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