Former Russian Spy Whale ‘Hvaldimir’ Spotted Off Sweden, Raises Questions on Motives


An intriguing development has occurred in the ongoing saga of Hvaldimir, the alleged former Russian spy whale. OneWhale, an organization dedicated to tracking beluga whales, has reported that the enigmatic creature has been sighted off the coast of Sweden. Hvaldimir first gained notoriety in 2019 when he was initially observed near Norway’s shores sporting a Russian harness. His gradual journey southward has now accelerated in recent months, prompting speculation about the reasons behind this sudden change in behavior. The Norwegian domestic intelligence agency launched an investigation into the matter following the discovery, eventually asserting that the whale was likely trained by the Russian army.

Locally dubbed Hvaldimir, a clever combination of the Norwegian word for whale and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name, the marine mammal has become a subject of fascination and curiosity. While Russia has yet to officially address the claims that Hvaldimir served as a covert operative, the nation has consistently denied involvement in training sea creatures for espionage purposes. In 2019, a Russian reserve colonel dismissed the notion, emphasizing the absurdity of attaching a mobile phone number with the instruction to call it if Hvaldimir were indeed a spying asset. As experts analyze Hvaldimir’s recent expedited movements away from his natural habitat, marine biologist Sebastian Strand from OneWhale offers two possible explanations.

Firstly, heightened hormone levels could be driving the whale to seek a mate, prompting his accelerated journey. Alternatively, Hvaldimir’s longing for companionship could be fueling his search for other beluga whales. Belugas, known for their sociability, typically inhabit the Arctic waters surrounding Greenland, Russia, Alaska, and northern Norway, with some engaging in summer migrations. The presence of Hvaldimir off Sweden’s coast adds another layer of intrigue to the mystery surrounding this remarkable creature. With his past association with alleged espionage activities, the motives behind his recent behavior continue to captivate researchers and the public alike.


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