From Musician to DJ: How Jonas Monteiro is Building a Community Through Music


Jonas Monteiro: The Versatile Musician Turned DJ, who is Building a Community Through Music

From singer to musician to top DJ, Jonas Monteiro’s journey in the world of music has been nothing short of impressive. hailing from a small village called Merces in Goa,  India, Jonas monteiro’s influences in music selection and transitions come from his roots as a musician. He has become a household name in the hip-hop and commercial music scene in India within just four years of becoming a DJ, including an inactive period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jonas Monteiro’s gigs are not just parties, but community building events where like-minded people come together under one roof to enjoy the same music preferences. Jonas Monteiro has shared the stage with notable artists like Jay Sean, Offset, Steve Aoki, Dyro, Romeo Balnco, Ritviz, Sony Nigam, Asees Kaur, Divine, and many more. He has also played at all the major venues in Bangalore, including the VH1 karaoke world championship Bangalore edition.

Jonas monteiro’s career reached a pinnacle when he was given the chance to perform at SteppinOut Music Festival, an event that is considered to be the crème de la crème of music festivals in Asia. It was a golden opportunity for him to showcase his skills in front of a vast and diverse audience, and he didn’t disappoint. Jonas monteiro’s performance was a tour de force, a true demonstration of his mastery of the craft, which earned him accolades from the attendees and the critics alike.

His set was like a rollercoaster ride, taking the audience on a journey that was both thrilling and exhilarating. His ability to read the crowd and adapt his music to their tastes was truly remarkable. He knew how to turn up the heat and get the party started, but he also knew when to slow things down and create a more intimate atmosphere. It was a testament to his versatility as a DJ.

Jonas monteiro’s performance was so impressive that it set the bar high for the other DJs who followed him. It was a tough act to follow, but they knew they had to bring their A-game if they wanted to match the level of energy and excitement that Jonas Monteiro had created. He had raised the stakes, and everyone knew that they had to step up their game.

The recognition that Jonas Monteiro received after his performance was well-deserved. He had proved that he was one of the best hip-hop and commercial DJs in India. His name was now synonymous with quality and excellence, and he had cemented his place in the pantheon of great DJs..

Jonas Monteiro ‘s journey in music began long before he became a DJ. He was previously in a band called Jonas Monteiro Collective. However, he is now focused on releasing original music, mashups, bootlegs, and remixes in 2023, along with planning for an India tour.

In addition to his music endeavors, Jonas Monteiro is the owner of City Lights, an IP dedicated to hip-hop and underrated music. He plans to grow it into one of India’s leading music properties, bringing quality music to the masses. Jonas Monteiro is also launching his own online media publication in 2023, focused on the arts. This venture will provide a platform for artists to showcase their work and gain exposure in the industry.

Jonas Monteiro ‘s impressive career in music has not only made him a popular figure in the industry but also a role model for aspiring musicians and DJs. He has carved a unique niche for himself in the music scene, where he is not just playing music, but building a community through it. Jonas Monteiro ‘s ability to bring people together through his music has set him apart as a versatile musician and DJ.

In conclusion, Jonas Monteiro ‘s journey in music is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. His ability to connect with people through music and bring them together has earned him a well-deserved spot as one of India’s top hip-hop and commercial DJs. With his upcoming releases and planned India tour, the future looks bright for this talented musician and DJ.


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