From Underdog to Leader: The Journey of Payal Madan Arora, Founder of GoFitness Academy


Payal Madan Arora (Insta: @payalmadanaroraofficial)

About the CEO and President Punalik Fithealth India Pvt Ltd in association with Gofitness Academy (Insta: @gofitnessacademyy) ( ) and Powermoves ( )

Under Gofitness Sports & Health Association

Living a healthy life comes with good knowledge. We all are living a fast life with less time for ourselves. We forget to give time to good nutrition, exercise, and meditation. In the race of achieving our goals and check marking our chores, we need a constant reminder that we need to take care and become more aware

about effective fitness patterns. The name that rings a bell, Payal Madan Arora, who has dedicated more than two decades to fitness and wellness of people.

Payal is a visionary in personal development. She believes in uplifting the planet!

She started her journey in 2000 with her wellness brand Punalik Fithealth India Pvt. Ltd. The brand has many verticals which deal in Fitness, Personality Enhancement, Lifestyle, Connect and Culture. In days before, life was less hectic,

rather simple and lesser challenges with a healthier environment in comparison to now. People could complete their tasks well on time and dedicate time to eat and participate in sports related activities. Times now with the boost of technology are easy yet hectic. With sitting hours increasing the need for meditation, yoga, aerobic workouts like Powermoves are required. The right guidance towards fitness and which style of workout would suit who is the question.

At Gofitness Academy, the team counsels’ aspirants who want to take up fitness as their career option and learn courses in Powermoves Aerobics, Powermoves BollyFitX, Flexifit Pilates, Yoga Teacher training, Fitness training, Kids Fitness and more. Payal has sought many good projects like Continual Improvement and Thinking Tanks which lead to a good organisation culture. She firmly believes in

upgrading herself and hence is certified into more than 50 fitness courses. She empowers and adds value to fitness professionals and brings healing to people to make them healthy. Extending her help to clients including children, men and women to find healthier perceptions for them and strengthen their mind and soul so they can be fit.

Under her brand Gofitness Sports & Health Association, she has been educating fitness enthusiasts under scholarship programs. In the year 2022, on Women’s day, Mother’s day and Diwali, Fitness aspirants were trained for Certificate in Fitness under 100% scholarship. This year also on Women’s day, workshops have been planned for Women under 100% scholarship. This gives an opportunity to coaches and instructors to become certified and upgrade themselves as well.

No one, no one can make it alone! Payal walks through this path along with her husband, her 8-year-old son and her passionate team who share the same vision. She has committed to dedicate her time and her knowledge to the fitness fraternity so many more aspirants to come forward and spread the love of fitness, wellness and health.


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