Google Bard: Google check for ChatGPT! .. ‘Bard’ introduction ..

Google Bard: Google check for ChatGPT! .. 'Bard' introduction ..

Google Bard: Google check for ChatGPT! .. 'Bard' introduction ..

The new discovery of the Search engine giant Google was the competition for the newest revolution to the newest revolution in the field (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE). The company has finally introduced ‘Bard’ (BARD) for the last six years.
Google has revealed this stuff by Sundar Pichai blog post. What is Bard?, Whose performance is said. Bard is a experimental dialogue, AII, said that the company is based on LAVENA (Language Model for Dialog Applications). The difference between chatzipiti and the Berd is that the ‘Bard’ can get information from the web.

Provides as accurate information as possible. Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) has revealed that the aimed to provide high quality information from the web. The complicated items related to the children’s science will be easily learned by this.

Explained that someone from the James Web Space Telescope to the Best Football Player from NASA. At the moment it will be available only to some of the experimental and will be widely available after the experimental examination. How the ChatGPT works ..
In fact, an improved version of the existing chatbot is the Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer). It works with reinforcement learning techniques along with supervision. Reinforcement learning techniques i.e. feedback is obtained using machine learning technique.

Not only that, but agent learning – action is all mixed up. As compared to Google, it is not a form of answer to question, links with multiple answers. In fact, if you ask a question on Google, you have to search for the right answer from the links it provides.
As for the same chat GPT, the relevant information is fed directly without any hiccups. If you ask what is the capital of India, the answer is as simple and straightforward .
Communication in this is conversational. Dynamic response. Responds to almost all types of writing. Responds to theoretical essays, mathematical solutions, stories. This chat GPT uses GPT-3.5 language technology. This sophisticated intelligence model is trained to use resources from different sources as needed.

Ability to construct complex Python code is a plus. Also able to create college level essays as needed.


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