Google: Google is Preparing to Take Strict Action!

Google: Google is preparing to take strict action!
Google: Google is preparing to take strict action!

Employee Removal (TECH LAYOFFS) has created anxiety atmosphere in the tech field. Baadabada Tech Giant (Tech Companies) is also distributing thousands of staff, and still disturbing employees.

New Delhi: The trend of tech layoffs has created an alarming atmosphere in the tech sector.

Big tech giants (Tech companies) are also laying off thousands of staff and are still making employees upset. Tech giant Google is also in the list of companies that have fired employees in this way. 12 thousand employees were fired simultaneously and created a sensation.

However.. Google seems to be thundering in another form on the other employees who think that their jobs are safe. Google CEO Sundar Pichaiah is likely to announce pay cuts soon. Several reports state that there could be significant pay cuts for senior executives.

Sundar Pichai is reported to have said in a recent meeting that there will be a huge cut in the annual bonuses of all those working in all positions above the level of Senior Vice President. He mentioned that the compensation payments will be based on the performance of the company.

But who is going to be affected by this and how many employees will come under the salary cut is not fully known. Meanwhile, in December last year, Sundar Pichai’s equity award was increased. It is known that the board of the company has recognized that he has shown ‘strong performance’ as CEO.

According to the 2020 filing, Sundar Pichai’s salary as of January 20 is $2 million. But according to the IIFL Hurun India Rich List 2022.. Pichai’s wealth has declined by 20 percent to Rs.5300 crore.It is known that Sundar Pichai announced on January 20 that 12,000 employees are being laid off with the aim of reducing cost burdens in the wake of the global recession.

He said that the employees were kept aside after strict supervision. But it is known that many employees have revealed on social media that they are ready to work for low salaries.


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