Google Maps: Google Maps with Super Features

Google Maps: Google Maps with Super Features

Google Maps: Google Maps with Super Features
Google Maps: Google Maps with Super Features

Google Maps is a definitely usable app for every smart phone consumer in the era. This app has already attracted customers with newest features .. has been pushed with another new update. Google wants to be attributed to all the new feature of the Immersive View.

The company announced the company in a program in Paris. The rest of the cities will be introduced to all the cities soon as it first has to do this in five major cities. Its uniqueness is to show that we have more clearly in the Google Mps when it comes to the Immersive View.

Although the usual view is like peater, there will be a Virtual World Model with Street View, Ariel Images. There are also a detail of how busy the traffic, the location. The company announced that there would also be a new feature of Glassable Directions in Android and IOs in some other days.
At the moment, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, brought the Immersive View in Tokyo cities. This feature hopes to get available soon to more cities, including Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice. This is also known to know that the cities have been learned, where there is a lot of us to make a visit.

The feature of the Advanced Artificial Intellence in this feature is to see the digital world in the computer view. Google said that the Neurical Radiens fields were used by the New Ai technology, which also turned into 3D Image to make it more nature.
While looking at what is the impheral view is that it’s looking to be a virtually looking at Google. the ATM, restaurant, Park, Lounge, Tax Stand, Rental Cars, Tranite Added another feature along with the stations to learn about them. Google has also said in a blog post about the search with live view made with AI, Aigmented Reality. In the months of the months of London, Madrid, Mel Bourne, Paris, Prague, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Railways, Malls, Malls says.


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