Google Removes Canadian News from Search and News Platforms Following Controversial Legislation

Google search

In a significant blow to Canadian media outlets, Google announced its decision to remove news generated within the country from its Search, News, and Discover platforms. This move comes as a direct response to the recent enactment of contentious legislation, the Online News Act, by the Canadian government. Kent Walker, Google’s President of Global Affairs for Google and Alphabet, deemed the law “unworkable” and expressed the company’s disappointment in having to take this step. The new law requires payment for displaying links to news content on tech platforms, a measure commonly referred to as a “link tax.” This requirement has raised concerns about the financial liability and uncertainty it imposes on Google.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, had also announced a similar decision to remove Canadian news content from its platforms, Facebook and Instagram, last week. The company has already begun canceling agreements it had in place with Canadian news outlets. Both Google and Meta’s actions have drawn criticism, with some accusing the tech giants of prioritizing their financial interests over supporting Canadian news publishers. The response from the Canadian government has been resolute. Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, tweeted in defense of the legislation, stating that big tech companies would rather block news from Canadians than pay their fair share of advertising revenue.

He emphasized that Canada will not be bullied and that no tech company is bigger than the country. However, there may still be room for a resolution, as Google expressed its willingness to continue participating in discussions while the government finalizes a regulatory structure to implement the provisions of the Online News Act. Critics of the legislation had warned of the potential consequences that Google and Meta’s actions reflect. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, placed the blame squarely on Minister Rodriguez, claiming that he did not take the risks of the flawed legislation seriously.

The removal of Canadian news from Google’s platforms poses a significant setback for Canadian media outlets, which rely on these platforms for online visibility and audience reach. The situation highlights the ongoing challenges and complexities surrounding the relationship between technology giants, news publishers, and legislative efforts to address the financial sustainability of the news industry in the digital age. As discussions between the Canadian government and tech companies continue, the hope remains for a viable path forward that balances the interests of all stakeholders involved.


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