Google Ventures into Advertising with Generative AI-Powered Search Results


In a bid to capitalize on the soaring success of artificial intelligence (AI), tech giant Google, owned by Alphabet, has announced its plans to experiment with advertising within search results using generative AI. This move by Google comes as it aims to compete with its rival, Microsoft, in the lucrative search ads market, which is projected to reach a staggering $286 billion this year, according to research firm MAGNA. The new version of Google’s search engine, aptly named Search Generative Experience, was unveiled earlier this month and is set to be rolled out gradually over the upcoming weeks, based on a waitlist. Users accessing this revamped search platform will be able to look for specific products, such as “hiking backpacks for kids,” and the AI-powered search results will not only display relevant ads for a particular backpack but also provide tips on how to choose the best backpack for a child.

Jerry Dischler, vice president and general manager of ads at Google, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating that it offers a simplified and helpful way for users to interact with Google search while opening up new commercial opportunities. By incorporating advertising into the generative AI-powered search results, Google aims to create a delightful user experience while tapping into the vast potential of the search ads market. Furthermore, at the recent Google Marketing Live event, the company introduced a conversational chatbot that will assist brands in the ad creation process. Advertisers can integrate their websites with the new platform, allowing the AI chatbot to recommend attention-grabbing headlines, specific keywords, and compelling images for their ads.

Google already provides a tool that automates ad generation for brands, and now this tool will be enhanced with generative AI capabilities, enabling users to create ads tailored to the context of a search query. As Google delves deeper into the realm of generative AI and advertising, it aims to revolutionize how consumers engage with search engines and how advertisers reach their target audience. With the substantial growth anticipated in the search ads market, Google’s strategic foray into generative AI-powered search results with integrated advertising is poised to reshape the digital advertising landscape.


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